PMA Member is "Ohio Strong"

"There is a quiet crisis upon us with a shortage of young Americans pursuing careers in manufacturing and the skilled trades, and in order to combat it and prosper as a country, we must work together to encourage young people to enter these fields." - Josh Mandel, Treasurer of Ohio

Josh Mandel, Treasurer of the state of Ohio, has recently unveiled the Ohio Strong Award, which is now being given to men and women throughout Ohio who are excelling in caeers in manufacturing and the skilled trades.  By highlighting the accomplishments of these individuals, Mandel and his office hope to raise public awareness of Ohio's need for more workers in the manufacturing sector and of the promising careers available in the field.

And a PMA member is among the Award's first recipients!

John Incorvaia of Toledo Metal Spinning Co. in Toledo, Ohio was given the Award on Monday.  During the presentation, Mandel said, "My hope is that if young people throughout the Toledo area and the state see what folks like John and others are doing to contribute to Ohio’s economy, they’ll be inspired to go into these jobs,” he said.  You can read more about Incorvaia and Toledo Metal Spinning Co. in this article from the Toledo Blade.

Congratulations to this fantastic PMA member on this important recognition.

Do you know a worker in Ohio who deserves this honor?  It's not too late!  Fill out the nomination form here.


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