PMA Tennessee District Tours Local College Mechatronics Program, Is Featured in News Story

PMA was featured in a Daily News Journal article about our Tennessee district’s gathering last week at Middle Tennessee State University, which has a special mechatronics major - a program that combines mechanical, computer and electrical engineering, systems integration and project management.

A current senior at the school, Daniel Kiviniemi - who is also an employee of PMA member Feintool Tennessee Inc. - helped lead the tour through the MTSU machtronics program facilities like the Experimental Vehicles Program featuring impressive technologies including the NASA Lunar Rover.

The PMA tour, which took place last Thursday, also included some 40 students from The Academy of Information Technology at Overton High School Tennessee District.  PMA Tennesee district Chairman Perry Hytken is quoted as saying of the tour, “I wouldn't be surprised if you don't see some of these students in mechatronics some day.”

This article provides a good example of ways that local PMA districts show support for community efforts to introduce young people to manufacturing and the high-tech skills needed for high-paying jobs in the manufacturing sector.  Way to go Tennesee district, you are a force in the fight against the skills gap!

The full article can be found here.


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