PMA Chicago District Company Named to Crain’s Chicago “Fast Fifty” List

This week, Precision Metalforming Association member company B.L. Duke was ranked 40th in a Crain’s Chicago article featuring an annual summary of Chicago's fastest-growing companies, known as the “Fast Fifty.” The rankings include 50 companies that accomplished notable gains over a five-year period and highlight new companies that appear on the list. The CEOs of potential “Fast Fifty” companies were interviewed by Crain’s to find out how they were able to grow, what they did to improve and how they will continue their success moving forward.

B.L. Duke has grown almost 300 percent over the past five years. As an industrial clean-up company, they specialize in the processing of recycled metal, plastic and cardboard refuse, which is then sold to steel mills and plastic manufacturers worldwide. CEO Lou Plucinski attributes their success to a limited loss of business, which is unique in the industry today. He also credits the company’s exponential growth to a number of factors, one of which is the company's transition from a trucking company to an industrial clean-up operation. Recently, the company recycled 85 decaying Chicago Transit Authority rail cars and recovered a damaged construction barge from the bottom of the Chicago River.

B.L. Duke’s “Fast Fifty” ranking represents the global influence of PMA member companies. B.L. Duke's commitment to running a streamlined supply chain has helped them become recognized as one of the fastest growing companies in Chicago. Staying consistent with their mission will help them maintain success and continue to grow in the future.

For information about the Precision Metalforming Association Chicago District, click here.


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