Bringing Training Local

Everyone is talking about a skilled workforce.  But why invest in training? Let me count the reasons!  Here are the top three:

– Ensuring that your staff is fully trained on the most up-to-date safety procedures is vital to reducing injuries.  When your staff operates safely, it protects both the employees and your company.
– Training keeps your business ahead of the curve.  When you invest in training your staff on the current trends in your industry, it keeps your business on the forefront of technology and keeps you competitive.
– Study after study has proven that investing in your employees keeps them engaged and happy.  This will reduce turnover and make sure that you maintain a high-quality and highly skilled workforce. 

PMA districts are excellent, cost-effective resources for training.  They bring in local industry professionals and leading national experts to lead half- and full-day training seminars for everyone from the plant-floor operator to the C-suite executive.  By leveraging your local PMA district for training, you also can connect with other professionals in your industry, learn best practices and help solve your most pressing issues.

Multi-day, out-of-town seminars have their place, but be sure to supplement traditional training opportunities with local, lower-cost options offered by your local PMA district.  You may be surprised what you learn.  Check out the options in your area by visiting

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