Nearly Half of Metalformers Think Their Website Is “Just Okay”—That’s Not Okay!

Way back in 2009, before cars were driving themselves and quinoa was a word you had to know, Michael Bleau, writing for MetalForming magazine, noted that despite the importance of company websites, most “industrial manufacturers lag behind in having professionally produced sites.”

Today, most metalformers have caught up in the web-design department: A quick company search turns up sleek websites with strong colors and evident corporate branding. Yet problems remain, namely in what metalformers feel they’re getting out of their websites. 

According to the Precision Metalforming Association’s (PMA) 2017 Sales & Marketing Report, 86 percent of surveyed companies present their manufacturing capabilities through their website and 70 percent want their website to generate RFQ leads. Yet 42 percent of them say their company website is “just okay” when it comes to helping to develop new business. Eleven percent say their website is “poor” or “very poor.”   

That’s not okay! 

Your company’s digital presence is too important for a shrug and a “meh, it’s just okay.” As sales and marketing increasingly go digital, technology continues to move at breakneck speeds and digital natives move into leadership positions, it’s important to keep pace. It’s not hard to imagine a future where most of your business is conducted online.

So what can you do to get the most out of your online presence? One option is PMA’s 2017 Manufacturing Sales & Marketing Summit in Milwaukee, WI. Over the course of two days (September 26-27) experienced speakers will present on the biggest trends in sales and marketing—specific to the metalforming industry. The event even includes a digital sales profile workshop, to help you maximize your company’s online presence and break out of the “just okay” web malaise. 

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