Trust Veterans and Service Members to Help Build Your Business

By Major General (ret) Garry Dean

I’ve spent thousands of hours as an Air Force fighter pilot on missions supporting our nation and our allies across the globe.  Undeniably, it is exciting and a challenge to be flying at 40,000 feet defending the skies over our friendly forces and citizens on the ground, at times in some of the most heavily defended airspace we could encounter. 

Yet, nearly every minute in the air, I was keenly aware that the difference between life and death, or the success of that day’s mission, was the competence, dedication, and teamwork of the men and women in our military supporting me whose expertise and adaptability during complex missions kept me safe and enabled our success.

We have the most sophisticated military in the world because all the members of our team are highly trained in their primary roles and other supporting skills, just as I was in my role as an Air Dominance fighter pilot.  Everyone performed their jobs with excellence to keep me and my fellow pilots flying safely.  The logisticians acquired mission-critical spare parts just in time to ensure they were ready when needed to replace worn parts without impacting the flight schedule. 

Before and after every flight the crew chiefs and technicians checked and maintained the aircraft’s jet engines, hydraulics, and specialized avionics to their peak performance. The meteorologists briefed us on weather conditions.  When we flew together with squadrons from allied nations, liaison officers coordinated our combined missions. 

Air Battle Managers and Air Traffic controllers guided us back to our home base and a safe landing, through complex airspace and terrain, often at night and in bad weather.  Base operations teams kept the runways free of snow and ice, and emergency crews with medical and firefighting equipment were always at the ready.

The list of support personnel that kept me safe in the air is endless. But I can assure you that from the cooks in the base dining hall, to the weapons loaders who ensured my aircraft weapons were 100% ready if needed, these military professionals are all masters of their specialties and innovative in continuous improvement to be their best. These men and women held my life in their hands every day.

The competence, dedication and resiliency of our veterans and service members from all our military branches to get the job done is why I encourage you to do all you can to recruit them to join your organization.  They are dedicated, proven performers you can trust to achieve superior results, just as I did flying at 40,000 feet defending the skies over those on the ground who depended on our success.

As an employer, you can submit free job postings that are distributed directly to employment transition counselors in all the military branches in the geography where your jobs are located. 

Register today for the American Jobs for America’s Heroes nonprofit job posting campaign at  For many free veteran hiring resources, visit


Major General (ret) Garry Dean logged more than 4,000 hours flying F-15s and other fighters. In his last assignment, he was the principal staff officer and advisor to the Chief, National Guard Bureau, responsible for the performance of the 1,100 member National Guard Bureau staff.  Previously, General Dean served as Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations, Allied Joint Forces Command in Naples, Italy. Prior to the NATO assignment, he served as Commander, 1st Air Force, Continental NORAD Region, and AF Forces Northern, responsible for planning and executing the Air Defense of the Continental United States, the Missile Defense of the National Capital Region, and the USAF response to natural disasters in the homeland.

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