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Huffington Post Blogger Writes "Maybe You Should Have Gone to Trade School"

A blog posted on the Huffington Post Business page this week addresses a topic we often discuss here at PMA - the value and relative benefits of trade school. HuffPo Blogger Rachel Ryan notes that college enrollment numbers are decreasing, but registers little surprise.  Why not, she questions, when today's economy has rendered a full 40 percent of college diploma holders unemployed. Ryan points to a society so inundated with bachelor's degrees that the same entry level jobs for which that degree once sufficed now require a master's.  And to what end?, she wonders.  For an unpaid internship?  For a chance to work for free or virtually free in "white collar office buildings"? Ryan then suggests another way.  She challenges the singular significance Americans have ascribed to four year colleges.  Offering an alternative, she references the skills gap in our very own manufacturing sector, suggesting that students seek the education required to attain these h

Filmmakers Bringing "Made in America" to the Silver Screen

As has often been heralded in the news, the US has added 500,000 jobs to its manufacturing sector since hitting bottom during the recession in 2010. These numbers have prompted some to ask if we're in the midst of a comeback in manufacturing. The answer, at least according to filmmakers Vincent Vittorio and Nathan McGill is...hopefully! They are currently traveling the country - 32 cities in 32 days - and promoting their new film, American Made Movie.   The film attempts to grow demand for products made here at home. Watch this interview with the filmmakers -