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Video: Success in the New Economy

Attention all parents, students and educators! Here at PMA, we think education is a key component to succeeding in today’s work environment, and that’s why we love this new videoby Kevin Fleming called “Success in the New Economy." This interactive video makes a compelling case for students to make informed decisions about their college education goals. Fleming says that students should not just classical education but also the value of technical skill acquisition and the real-world applications for those skills. We've watched the video a few times (hey, it’s got some great animation!) and our favorite part is at 7:40, when Kevin talks about the importance of identifying an area that appeals to your interests, skills, and the labor market when deciding on your future. Kevin drives home the point that success in the new economy is all about acquiring the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed for in-demand occupations in our day and age. Check out the video a