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Difficult People: Are Emotional Vampires Driving You Batty?

By: Colleen Kettenhofen This November, I will be speaking at Precision Metalforming Association’s Executive Development Academy in Chicago. There, you will be hearing me share tools, tips and techniques for managing difficult people. If you’re thinking, “I need some help now !” here are a few tidbits to tide you over. In my book “Secrets Your Boss Isn’t Telling You,” I reveal seven magic “wands” if you will, for dealing with difficult people. During this upcoming holiday season, many participants in my keynotes on leadership have asked me for tips on dealing with difficult people in the workplace, and in general. Here’s one suggestion for that… Do what you can to refill the well so Emotional Vampires don’t drive you batty!       In a tough economy, everyone experiences adversity from time to time—whether it’s caring for a loved one, job insecurities, reduced incomes, managing a difficult employee and more. Maybe it’s that you’re “hanging in there” and dealing with a diff

Big Data: How your business benefits

Business expert, Patrick Schwerdtfeger describes how using "big data" in your business can reduce expenses, increase revenue, and avoid disasters. Patrick Schwerdtfeger is a leading authority on global business trends including ‘big data’, demographic forecasting and the social media revolution. He has lectured at numerous academic institutions including Purdue and Stanford Universities, and is the author of the award-winning book Marketing Shortcuts for the Self-Employed (2011, Wiley). Patrick is a regular speaker for Bloomberg TV and has spoken about business trends, technology and digital marketing at hundreds of conferences and business events around the world. Patrick will be a featured presenter at the Executive Development Academy on November 9-11, in Chicago, IL.  For more information about EDA, visit