Batesville Steps up For Manufacturing Education

On June 9, PMA Chairman and CEO of Batesville Tool & Die, Jody Fledderman, was featured on Inside INdiana Business to discuss his company’s involvement in a manufacturing education program in southeast Indiana.

Jody Fledderman
PMA Chairman and CEO of Batesville Tool & Die
Batesville Tool & Die, along with the Batesville School Corporation, IvyTech Community College, and three other local area businesses, have teamed up to give high school students a chance to gain hands-on experience in the modern manufacturing world.

Inside Indiana Business reported that, through the program, freshmen and sophomore students can take elective courses featuring design and manufacturing curriculums. After an application process, juniors can then enter a 2-year program which allows them to gain college credit as well as access to internship and shadowing opportunities. Happily, the piece indicated, the program continues to grow each year.  Next Fall, more than 25 students will be a part of the curriculum. 

Due to Indiana’s strength in manufacturing and demand for skilled labor, Fledderman said the educational program will help to fill the void in labor that has existed the past 10 to 15 years.

Importantly, Fledderman shared that one of the key components of the program’s success is getting the students on-site to physically experience the business and stimulate interest in the industry.

Fledderman explained that manufacturing businesses will continue to need capable employees from the next generation who are excited about entering the business and familiar with the latest technology to help the industry progress. He views this program as a step for being able to accomplish these goals both in Indiana as well as the United States as a whole.

To learn more, watch Fledderman’s interview with Inside Indiana below, or visit the article here.


  1. I hope they can get that program running sooner than later. I've got a job to keep! It's tough to be in manufacturing, especially the metal side. I just hope that I can keep it up for another 10 years before I retire.


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