Monster Article On Manufacturing Opportunity Quotes PMA Member

The skills gap in the manufacturing sector continues to be a hot topic in the news.

A recent article posted on the Monster blog describes how the modern resurgence of manufacturing is being held back by this major challenge for U.S. manufacturers.  Monster, best known for their online platform for job seekers, publishes blog posts on employment trends in various sectors including manufacturing.  “Contrary to popular belief,” author Bret Silverberg wrote in the July 2, 2014 article, “the demands of the manufacturing industry today require significant technological expertise.”

PMA member Drew Greenblatt, president of the Baltimore, Maryland-based Marlin Steel Wire Products, shares his experience with the evolving manufacturing sector in the Monster piece.  “People think of the production lines, and what people did in the 1920s,” he is quoted as saying.  “That’s out of date. It’s not measuring what’s really happening in American manufacturing. … Factories today are very sleek technologically.”

It's this difference, he explains - the space between the skills manufacturers need and those available in today's work force - that leave high-tech and high-paying manufacturing jobs open.  Solving the skills gap will help manufacturers reach their full potential in the U.S. economy.

Read the full article here.


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