Executive Development: Achieving Leadership Excellence

In today’s highly competitive, global business environment it is essential for executives to stay exceptionally aware of the latest technology and trends impacting their industry. In order for them to continue to lead and sustain their organization, they must achieve outstanding levels of performance. 

Executive development programs provide the resources necessary for leaders to heighten their productivity and better execute key organizational strategies. To support the unique community of leaders in the manufacturing industry, the Precision Metalforming Association (PMA) is proud to be hosting the first annual Executive Development Academy (EDA) on January 7 - 9,  2015 in Tampa, FL. 

Key EDA topics include:

  • Generational Issues & How to Solve Them - Strategies and tips to help you avoid generational collisions, implementing strategies for recruiting and retaining millennials.
  • Successful Negotiation of Business Contracts (Terms and Conditions) - Thirty ideas in 75 minutes to help you keep on top of critical issues related to T&Cs.
  • Mexico, China & Beyond - Challenges and strategies to help you explore and execute the globalization of your business.
  • Executive Communications - Media tips, power presenting, small group dynamics and tips for running productive and efficient meetings.
  • Business Succession/Transition Planning - Experts in succession/transition planning will outline key strategies and a case study will help frame primary concerns.
      Other sessions and presentations will address leadership excellence; strategic planning; social media; content marketing; and the latest political, economic and technological trends that will dominate your business. 

      Executive development programs keep organizational leaders focused, motivated and informed. They provide an opportunity for executives to network with industry peers and to gain insight so that they can develop improved strategies to support business growth. 
      If you are an executive in the manufacturing industry, consider attending PMA's Executive Development Academy so that you can continue to lead your business towards superior competitiveness and profitability. 

      Please contact Allison Grealis at 216-901-8800 or agrealis@pma.org with questions. 


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