Women in Manufacturing Group Releases New Survey

Over the past few days, Women in Manufacturing has held their fourth annual SUMMIT in Schaumburg, IL.  As a reminder, Women in Manufacturing (WiM) is a group powered by PMA and dedicated to attracting, retaining and advancing women in the manufacturing sector.  During this year's SUMMIT, WiM released the results of a new survey which has implications for the future of recruiting women into the manufacturing sector.  Read the following press release about the survey for highlights of the results.

New Survey Shows Keys to Recruitment of Women to Manufacturing  Sector
New Women in Manufacturing Group’s Survey Results Released Ahead of Manufacturing Day

Schaumburg, IL - With national Manufacturing Day (MFG Day) set for this Friday, October 3, 2014, a new survey shows that there is one group of potential employees that should not be overlooked – young women.  Women in Manufacturing, (WiM), a group of nearly 500 women dedicated to attracting, retaining and advancing women in the manufacturing sector released the survey, co-produced with Plante Moran, today.

The survey of over 870 women - including both experienced women currently working in manufacturing and young women who are just  beginning to consider their career options - offers several promising findings for the future of women in the manufacturing sector.  Most importantly, the survey found that there is significant overlap between the top factors young women are seeking in careers and the factors manufacturing careers offer.

In the survey, young women ranked compensation as the most important factor they are seeking in a career, followed closely by work that is interesting and challenging.  At the same time, more than 80% of women in manufacturing today say that their work is interesting and challenging and half of women in manufacturing say that compensation is the most significant benefit of the sector.

The survey also found that 74% of women working in manufacturing believe that the sector offers multiple career paths for women and that more than half of women in manufacturing today think that the sector is a leading industry for job growth for women.  In addition, 64% of women working in manufacturing reported that they would recommend a career in manufacturing to a young woman.

But despite these high numbers, young women remain woefully unaware of the opportunities available to them in the manufacturing sector.  Less than half of young women believe that manufacturing offers the interesting and challenging work they’re seeking and less than 10% of young women placed manufacturing among the top five career fields that they feel offer the most opportunity for young women today.

The survey results were presented today on the first day of the fourth annual WiM SUMMIT held in Schaumburg, IL.  This year’s SUMMIT is the largest gathering in the organization’s history, bringing together a record number of women in the manufacturing sector.

“Our survey is particularly relevant with Manufacturing Day approaching later this week, a day focused on introducing manufacturing to young people and their parents,” said WiM Director Allison Grealis.  “Because the survey focused both on women who are already in the manufacturing sector and young women outside the sector who are considering the wide array of career options available to them, the results are forward-looking and poised to benefit recruitment efforts.”

“On the whole, these survey results should be seen as a call to action in a space where there is great opportunity,” Grealis continued.  “When we know what young women are looking for in careers, we are in a better position to demonstrate how manufacturing can help them meet their aspirations.  We have long known that women are good for manufacturing; and these survey results go a long way to showing that manufacturing is good for women, too.”

Learn more about the WiM survey and its results:

Survey Fact Sheet

Survey Report

Women in Manufacturing™ is a more than 400-member-strong national organization dedicated to the attraction, retention and advancement of women who are pursuing or have chosen a career in the manufacturing industry.  This group encourages the engagement of women who want to share perspectives, gain cutting-edge manufacturing information, improve leadership and communication skills, participate in sponsoring programs and network with industry peers. Members benefit from exclusive access to regional and national programming, networking opportunities, mentoring and sponsoring programs, monthly professional development webinars, a customized employment tool called WiMWorks, online discussion communities, the quarterly Impact e-newsletter and a robust searchable online directory.  www.womeninmanufacturing.org


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