Top 5 reasons golf is good for business

It is springtime and the local golf clubs are gearing up for another great season.  There is an understanding that great business is done on the golf course, but why is that?  Are game-changing contracts signed on the 17th hole?  Are deals negotiated and futures changed while lining up the perfect drive?  The truth is, not usually.  However, there are many other reasons why golf is an important tool in business.  Here are the top five reasons why golf is critical to business success.

5. Anyone can play – Golf is an equal opportunity sport.  Anyone, regardless of age or athletic ability, can learn to play golf.  For that reason, it is a great form of corporate entertainment.  Thanks to the handicap, people with a variety of abilities can compete and enjoy a friendly round.  So take your client, your boss, your colleague or even your competitor to your local club for a round of golf.  If you need an effective way to entertain in business, the course is perfect.

4. You have an audience that can’t escape – Golf is a methodical, slow moving sport. A full 18 holes takes about four hours to complete.  Very little of that time is spent actually hitting the ball.  The rest of the time can be spent forging relationships with a captive audience.  Can’t get time with your boss or colleague?  Use the course as a means to get valuable face-time with them to ask advice or pitch your idea.

3. Exercise is stress relief – Physical activity is a proven method to manage stress.  Any form of exercise, even a stroll through 18 beautiful holes, can increase your endorphins, improve your mood and lower anxiety.  In the fast-paced world we live in, every opportunity to lower your stress level will improve your health.

2. Strong bonds are formed  – The time spent of the course provides you with a shared goal and conversation opener whenever you meet. Use the golf course to break the ice with business leads, clients and colleagues.  The camaraderie that can be built during a round of golf is priceless, 54 percent of business professionals see golf as the perfect networking tool.  Great relationships are forged from shared experiences. Make sure to take advantage of the time to talk between holes and in the clubhouse.

1. The course is a test of character – Players have continual opportunities to display their true character.  Make sure to observe how the other players react to bad shots, if they take the opportunity to cheat or if they take risks.  The links are an organic test of integrity and character. It is amazing what you can learn about and from one another during a round of sand traps, bad drives and ill-placed water hazards.

The Precision Metalforming Association (PMA) has 16 local districts throughout the country. Check out the local golf outings to find one in your area.  Whether you are looking for an uninterrupted audience, need to forge a relationship with a trusted colleague or simply need a little stress relief, PMA provides the opportunity for you to enjoy the beautiful afternoon of golf that you are looking for. 

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