IIoT’s Cloud Computing in Manufacturing

With all the talk in the last year of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and how to best prepare your company for these new innovative technologies, the major question on most manufacturers’ minds is, “But does it work and will it work for me?”

Plex’s 2016 State of Manufacturing Technology Report aimed to explain just that, with a focus on cloud computing and its effectiveness on the shopfloor.  Here are some of the most significant results from their survey of nearly 200 manufacturers who are using IIoT in some capacity.

Cloud computing increases the ability to manage fluctuating business needs.  With cloud computing, manufacturers are able to connect the plant floor with the C-Suite, giving everyone access to either identical versions or tailored versions of real-time data.

Of the respondents who use cloud technology,

  • 98% reported that connectivity of machines, systems, suppliers, and clients delivers value to their business today
  • 64% found they were better equipped to handle changing customer needs
  • 55% reported overall increase in the strength of global supply chain management
When a whopping 98% of a survey pool of manufacturers report that their business has improved on several levels since incorporating cloud technology, you can’t deny that these new systems are truly revolutionizing our industry.

For more information on how you can get started with or expand your journey into the world of smart manufacturing, check out our blog’s series from earlier in the year titled The Future of Manufacturing and How to Be Ready (I, II, III).


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